Water Softeners

Hard water is very hard on pipes and causes them to become damaged which could lead to replacement. Having a Crystal Clear Water treatment system can save you up to 30% on your water heating costs by reducing the scale build up caused by hard water.

Soft water means visibly cleaner, brighter laundry! You could save up to 70% on soap products by allowing the soap to do it’s job! Water that is soft also gives hair and fixtures a greater shine because it does a more effective job in rinsing off soaps and detergents.

Are you ready to experience truly clean and fresh water? The natural taste of sparkling clean water comes through when you remove the objectionable taste and odors in average tap water with a Hague water treatment system. Also, foods taste and look better when prepared with clean soft water.

Hague WaterMax is a patented, comprehensive water treatment system; highly efficient in water, salt and time. Featuring computerized Systems Control to our exclusive directional flow screens, this product is truly the most solid-state of the art systems. It offers a 25 year limited warranty for years of trouble free water treament in your home, a fact which has given the system worldwide fame. The sleek impressive cabinet helps it not only do good work, but look good too!

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