Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Knowing the Signs of Hydrogen Sulfide

You turn on the faucet and you smell it: a foul odor that reminds you of rotten eggs. Before you begin to worry, in most cases, water that smells like rotten eggs is still safe to drink—but it is certainly not ideal. That smell is caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Hydrogen sulfide is a naturally occurring gas: The gas releases from the ground and enters the groundwater.

There are some common indications of hydrogen sulfide:

  • The coffee and tea that you brew with tap water tastes off or looks discolored.
  • You see black stains—caused by corrosion—on your silverware.
  • You see visible signs of corrosion on pipes.
  • You notice black staining in sinks, tubs, showers, or other areas.

Troubleshooting Water Odors

If your water smells like rotten eggs, there are several potential problems.

  • Does the smell occur only when you use the hot water tap? If this is the case, the issue may be with your water heater—not your home’s general water supply.
  • Does the smell occur when you use hot and cold water? This may suggest that sulfur could be in your water.

The best way to get to the root cause is to have your water tested by trained professionals. Once you know the source of the issue—your home’s existing water heater, water softener, or water distribution system—you can find a water treatment solution to remove the odor from your water and reduce the presence of any contaminants. 

Water Treatment Systems for Your Home

Crystal Clear Water offers a variety of water treatment systems. Depending on the level of hydrogen sulfide in your water, you may benefit from an aeration and filtration system, an activated carbon filter, or a continuous chlorination and filtration system.

Finding the right water treatment system for you begins with a water test. Reach out to learn more about this process and take the first step to getting rid of that rotten egg odor.