Why Is My Tap Water Cloudy?

Why Is My Tap Water Cloudy?

Common Causes of Cloudy Drinking Water

You pour a glass of water from the tap and the water is not crystal clear like you would expect: Instead, the water is cloudy. This is a sign of aerated water—or air in your pipes. While the cloudiness should clear within seconds, cloudy water is still a problem for many homeowners due to its root cause. There are several potential reasons why your tap water is cloudy.

  • You may have a build up of sediment and minerals in the bottom of your water heater. This can leave water looking opaque and cloudy.
  • There may be a high concentration of TSS (total suspended solids) in your water—these are things like soil, decaying organic matter, or particles that adhere to your water filter.
  • Another reason is hard water. Hard water presents numerous issues within a plumbing system.

Water Treatment Solutions for Cloudy Water

If the cause of your cloudy water is excess sediment or hard water, you can benefit from a water softener. Water softeners remove the calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from your drinking water through an ion exchange process. To put it very simply, the system strips the hardness from the water and softened water flows from the system into your home. You benefit with softer, cleaner water.

However, water softeners do not actually clean or filter the water. For this reason, you may benefit from a water softener and a whole-house water filtration system. 

You don’t have to deal with cloudy hard water at your home—and the problems that it brings. The right water treatment system is waiting for you. Reach out to our team to learn more and have the water at your home tested.