Water Problems

Water Problems

Water is the universal solvent. This means it absorbs a little of almost everything it comes in contact with. Unfortunately, this results in several issues that can be detrimental to your home and your health.


While hard water is very common and is not a heath concern, the side effects can be very undesireable. These effects include: white marks; stains and scale on sinks, baths, toilet bowls and around the base of taps; blocked showerheads, and scale deposits on pots and glassware. Hardness causes shortened life and reduced efficiency for your hot water tank,dishwasher and other water usage appliances.


Orange or rust-colored stains in the sink, toliet, tub, and on clothes or even a metallic taste can be signs of an iron contamination. This is one of the more common contaminants of well water but is not a health concern at normal levels. If the above signs are present this indicates higher levels of contamination and you should call today and set up an in-home evaluation.


If your kitchen fixtures have been corroding faster than normal and you see pitting on your plumbing fixtures, there is usually a problem with low pH. Low pH can cause damage to sinks, faucets, hot water tanks, drainage and supply lines. These damages can get extremely expensive and may end with extensive repair costs or replacement.


Sulfer causes an offensive “rotten egg” odor and can cause damage to plumbing as well.


Chlorine can cause cancer-causing agents known as trihalomethanes when they mix with organics found in water. Too much chlorine is therefore not appropriate for inside home and drinking use.

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